The Museum of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi is a fascinating institution that combines academic heritage and archaeological research. Located on Titu Maiorescu Street in Copou, this museum has been functioning since 2011 as a department of the university. 

The building itself dates back to 1911 and features a Neo-Romanian style with Art Nouveau elements. 

The museum's mission is to preserve and showcase the history of higher education in Iasi. Here are some highlights:

1. Academic Collection: The museum houses a diverse collection related to the university's history. You'll find exhibits on the evolution of disciplines, academic achievements, and important figures. For instance:

- A Rector’s Office display includes furniture, academic medals, and university symbols like the silver hammer and trowel used during the university palace's construction in Copou.

- Exhibits commemorate significant events, such as the university's official opening and various anniversaries, through flags, photos, and documents.

2. Scientific Mission: Beyond preserving artifacts, the museum serves as a formative space and promotes academic exchanges. It's a platform for researching the past of higher education institutions and academic culture.

If you're ever in Iasi, don't miss the chance to explore this rich repository of knowledge and history!

The Museum of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

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