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Let's explore the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Library in Iași, Romania. 

History and Architecture:

- The institution was named after its founder, Gheorghe Asachi, and Professor Cristea Otin became its first rector.

- The library building itself is a masterpiece. Its construction began in 1892, with Professor Petru Poni (a University of Iasi professor and Minister of Public Education) designing the edifice. Poni drew inspiration from universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

- The university library, known as the “Gh. Asachi” Technical University Library, is established as a reference and research technical library. It holds over 1 million volumes covering various subjects, including engineering, technology, science, economics, and law. The library is organized into a central library, six branches, and eight departments.

- Notably, the library is recognized as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It seamlessly integrates new technology into traditional learning and research.

In summary, the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Library in Iași combines rich history, cutting-edge research resources, and stunning architecture—a true gem for students, researchers, and visitors alike!

The Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Library

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