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The Metropolitan Cathedral in Iași, Romania, is a remarkable religious and architectural landmark. Here are some key details:

Location: The cathedral is situated at 16 Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Boulevard, Iași, Romania.

Denomination: It belongs to the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Historical Significance: The Metropolitan Cathedral is the largest historic Orthodox church  in Romania. It serves as the seat of the Romanian Orthodox Archbishop of Iași and the Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina.

Dedication: The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Parascheva, the Presentation of Jesus, and Saint George.

Architectural Style: Its design draws inspiration from the late Italian Renaissance style, particularly the Trinità dei Monti in Rome. The interior and exterior feature Baroque elements.

- Two churches previously stood on the site: the White Church (15th century) and the Presentation Church (17th century).

- Construction of the cathedral began in 1833 with a neo-classical design by Viennese architects Gustav Freywald and Bucher.

- After completion, serious cracks appeared, and the ceiling collapsed in 1857, leaving the building in ruins.

- Restoration work started in 1880, guided by architect Alexandru Orăscu. The cathedral was consecrated in 1887 in the presence of King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth.

- The relics of Saint Parascheva, patron saint of Moldavia, were brought to the cathedral in 1889 and continue to attract pilgrims.

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The Metropolitan Cathedral

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